We are delighted to be joined by Liz Hutchin as a new Trustee of Arts Taunton.

Having taught for over 30 years in Primary Schools including East and South-East London, as well as Somerset, Liz established Busylizzie Art & Literacy Ltd, in November 2013 as a way of further developing the passion for art, presentation, creativity and design that had been bubbling inside all that time!

Busylizzie Art is about bespoke and personal, from consultation to completion – creating hand-painted designs for wall spaces ranging from music studios, nursery settings to children’s rooms and conservatories as well as individualised Wedding Stationery, hand-made from original watercolour paintings.

Busylizzie Art in schools is all about whole school staff training and Art Projects and developing children’s skills. The connection with schools is where the link with Go Create and Taunton Live 2015 naturally grew out of….

Since becoming a director of Go Create in 2016, Liz has worked alongside Jenny Eastwell-Keogh, planning organising and delivering monthly creative club gatherings and endeavouring to make ‘The Arts‘ in Taunton accessible to all regardless of ability, disability, gender etc etc in particular via the annual Taunton Live Creative & Performing Arts Festivals.

Whilst Liz and Go Create have always supported Arts Taunton, the autumn of 2019 saw closer links forged in the planning and delivery of the first Tyca Festival. This was a positive and inspiring collaboration and mutually beneficial in many ways.

Liz believes that being invited to join the board of Trustees of Arts Taunton is an exciting prospect and will provide further opportunities for developing the dream of enhancing everyone’s lives with ‘The Arts’ in their many glorious forms…

Liz Hutchin

“I sincerely hope to be able to fulfil the expectations of being the positive link with the local arts community, in turn helping Taunton to become a ‘go to’ place for the Arts…I am a firm believer if we all work together, great things can be achieved…”