In a time when we have all been forced to be more insular, Arts Taunton has continue to look outwards.

Taunton, like everywhere else, will have its challenges, but we are looking beyond this.

Tyca is focusing on our young people, our grants are supporting exciting new initiatives and our interest in the very environment we live in ensures that arts and culture pay their unique role in bringing a quality of life that helps us to look forward to the future.

The ask …

It’s often said small amounts go along way. This is particularly true about Art at the Heart grants. These grants have offered a huge boost for two of our art groups, at a time when funding has never been more constrained in the sector. So we are asking you, the people of Taunton, to help us reach out to other art initiatives by making a small donation of any size you feel able.

You can do this via our website here.

A little goes a long way when we all do it together…