Arts Taunton is proud to bring you Tyca, an arts festival for the young people of Taunton.

Tyca stands for Taunton Youth Culture and Arts.

2019 is the year we launch this new youth arts festival and we are including as many art forms as possible in this first year. In the coming years it will grow and grow! For 2019 we have everything from acrobatics to 3D art, graffiti to hip hop.

The first Tyca festival

The Tyca Festival will take place on 1st-3rd November 2019. There are lots of free workshops taking place in the fortnight before. We encourage you to get involved! Our full programme of events is on these pages and most of them are free. You can also see a listing of all workshops and events by clicking here

Introducing our theme

Every year we will have a fresh theme and the theme of Tyca 2019 is BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS. This to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany in 1989.

We want to use this theme to break down barriers between different arts and communities and build connections with young people throughout Taunton.

Get involved

The Tyca Festival is open to all young people aged 5-25 from Taunton and the surrounding areas. We have a Tyca Taskforce, a group of young volunteers, who are helping us plan and promote the festival.

If you would like to get involved, please email or fill in the contact form on this website

Partnerships throughout Taunton

We are working with lots of other arts organisations that already do great things around Taunton and together we will bring you Tyca in November.

Check out this page to see who we are working with and what they do!

Visual arts competition

- 04/09/2019 - 27/09/2019

The Tyca Festival is having a Visual Arts Competition for young people living in Somerset West and Taunton. We want to showcase 2D, 3D and photography work and are working...
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Dance and choreography workshop

This is a full day dance workshop for students of Bridgwater & Taunton College. Nationally-renowned London-based choreographer Bawren Tavaziva will lead the workshop in creating the choreography for a modern dance. This work will then be performed at the Tyca Festival opening event on 1st November.
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Graffiti workshop

Get involved in outdoor graffiti with Aerosol Arts! Renowned Taunton street artists Aerosol Art are running a street art and graffiti workshop for enthusiastic young street artists and aspiring street artists. Following the workshop design session some of the artists will be able to experiment with their designs on a real wall!
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Drama workshop

This drama workshop is for students of The Space (students studying performing arts at Tacchi Morris Arts Centre). They will be led by the Bristol-based Travelling Light Theatre Company and create a Play in a Day! This play will then be performed on the Tyca Festival opening night on 1st November. 
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