Arts Taunton is proud to bring you Tyca, an arts festival for the young people of Taunton.

Tyca stands for Taunton Youth Culture and Arts.

2019 was the year we launched this new youth arts festival and we included as many art forms as possible in this first year. In the coming years it will grow and grow! For 2019 we had everything from acrobatics to 3D art, graffiti to hip hop.

Partnerships throughout Taunton

We working with lots of other arts organisations around Taunton and together we will bring you Tyca in 2020.

Check out this page to see who we are working with and what they do!

Introducing our theme

We may all be in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic – but nothing is going to stop us from delivering a Tyca Festival for you this year!
It may be live, it may be virtual, but it will be interactive AND HAPPENING! A festival for you to take part in …

Our proposed theme for this year’s Festival is Vision for the 2020s: the next decade

The pandemic has shown how, suddenly and dramatically, the world can change. What will happen next, when we come through this? Will we do things differently – especially for the environment and ecology? We are sure this lockdown will feed your imaginations!