Vision and Framework for TYCA 2020

Arts Taunton launched the first Tyca (Taunton Youth Culture and Arts) Festival last year. We are now planning this year’s festival building on the successes and the lessons learned. We want to do this in partnership with local arts organisations. This note sets out our vision and objectives for the festival and the key principles for our work with partners.


The main aim of the festival is to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to participate in the arts – to realise their potential, discover their creativity, to build their self-confidence. We particularly want to reach young people from less advantaged backgrounds who have had limited access to cultural activities. We want the festival to feature high quality programmes which showcase and support young artists and to celebrate the achievements of the participants.

Participants should be young people in Taunton and surrounding areas between the ages of aged 9-25, with a particular focus on young people aged 16 upwards.

Festival Dates

We are planning for the festival to take place from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th October. However, we are keen to support workshops and activities taking place earlier than this which build up to festival. We are also open to launching the festival earlier if the programme warrants it. Our aim is to include as many art forms as possible and for the festival to grow and grow


Our proposed theme for this year’s festival is ‘Vision for the 2020s’ – for the coming decade. We are open to suggestions for a catchier phrase! We would like there to be a focus on environmental and ecological issues.

Programme ideas

We have already had discussions with several partners and come up with some initial ideas for a festival programme. We are keen for partners to add to this by putting forward their ideas for events or activities which they would like to deliver. These could be workshops, exhibitions, competitions, performances – or a mixture of any or all of these. We would love there to be some activities which engage young people over a period of months and build up to a performance or exhibition at the festival – for example a play,  musical or concert, an art exhibition. They could be delivered by one organisation or through a collaboration.

Roles and Responsibilities

Arts Taunton will be responsible for the festival programme and will have the final say on what to include. When an event has been agreed for inclusion, the responsibility for delivery will normally rest with a lead local arts organisation. This will include identifying and recruiting participants, preparatory workshops, booking venues, marketing, ticketing and administration. All such details will be set out in a written agreement. There will be close liaison with Arts Taunton throughout who will provide coordination, advice and support and monitor progress both as to quality and delivery.

Branding and Marketing

A joint marketing plan will be agreed for all events to clarify who is responsible for what. All events must use the Tyca brand as well as the brands of the relevant arts organisations.


Arts Taunton has a limited budget to deliver the festival. Partners should include a provisional budget when whey submit their proposals covering the additional costs of delivering their event and indicating what contribution they expect to make towards these costs. Our written agreement with partners will include clear provisions about the budget and funding

Tyca Task Force

We are establishing a task force of approximately 15 young volunteers to work with us in planning and delivering the festival. They will meet at least once a month for half a day between March and September, more frequently, if necessary, in the lead up to the festival. They will provide input to the festival programme and ideas and support on marketing and social media and will help out at the festival itself and recruit other young volunteers to do so. If you know of any individuals who may be interested, please encourage them to submit an application. More details can be found on our website.

Measures of Success

We want to measure the success of the festival as a whole and of individual events. We will agree success measures with each partner. This may include, for example, the target number of participants, the proportion from disadvantaged backgrounds, their evaluations of their participation, and the size of and feedback from the audience.

For further information or to express an interest in taking part in TYCA 2020 please contact Deborah Baddoo, Festival Director at [email protected].uk