What is Arts Taunton?

Our aim is to encourage and support investment in the arts to help make Taunton, Somerset’s county town, a vibrant, attractive place to visit and in which to live and work; a place where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy high quality culture and to explore their own creativity. We fund and deliver arts projects in partnership with artists and arts organisations, local authorities and local businesses.

Somerset needs a vibrant, forward-thinking county town at its centre. This is a vital step towards regenerating the county’s reputation and its economy; and towards improving residents’ well-being and lifestyles.

Kit Chapman MBE, Arts Taunton’s Founder

Our Objectives & Activities

The Arts Taunton Board continues to focus on our four main goals:

Promoting Public Art

Promoting Public Art

Promoting public art – including commissioning a new artwork in Taunton centre

Tyca Youth Festival

Inspiring Young People

Inspiring and enabling young people to participate in the arts – principally though the delivery of our arts festival for young people, TYCA

Championing the Arts

Championing the Arts

Championing the arts – speaking up for the arts; engaging the public; influencing local leaders

Shaping Taunton

Shaping Taunton

Helping to shape Taunton’s development – to create a quality and sustainable environment; promoting good design and the preservation of Taunton’s heritage

Arts Map of Taunton..

Taunton is packed with interesting arts activities, going on every day of the week! Visit our Arts Map to find the group you are looking for…

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