Everyone has the right to live his/her life to the fullest potential, to be protected and to be treated with dignity and respect. People also have the right to participate in heritage activities safely and enjoyably.

ArtsTaunton is committed to ensuring that children and vulnerable adults at risk are protected and kept safe from harm while they are engaged in any activity directly co-ordinated or run by ArtsTaunton.

The Safeguarding Policy is designed to protect the children and vulnerable adults at risk for whom we have a duty of care, as well as any officer working on behalf of ArtsTaunton.

Staff and volunteers have a legal duty to act if they are concerned about the safety of a child. The welfare of the child is paramount as enshrined in the 1989 Children Act.

This policy ensures that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and that all members of ArtsTaunton (sub-contractors, volunteers, board members) potentially involved in activities which may include young people and vulnerable adults at risk are familiar with its principles, procedures and aims.