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Arts Taunton launches new initiative to boost local arts groups

Registered charity, Arts Taunton, has launched a programme offering grant funding to local arts groups keen to develop new projects.

Pride in TauntonThe programme, called Art at the Heart, invites applicants to submit proposals for project ideas. The charity then agrees to fund winning applications up to 50% of the project cost to a maximum of £4,000.

The first round of proposals has now been assessed and an independent panel has declared awards to two arts groups for the period 2020/21.

The Bluebirds Theatre Company, based in North Curry, has been granted £2,400. And GoCreateTaunton has been awarded £2,200.

The Bluebirds Theatre Company will be deploying their ‘Popera House’, a custom-built mobile theatre designed in the style of gypsy caravan, to bring their imaginative reworking of Wagner’s Ring Cycle to your doorstep with The Reduced Ring.

“Think opera, think pop, add brevity and a heavy dose of comedy and you get the idea”, explains Co-Director Sasha Herriman. “It’s a brilliant opportunity to keep live music and theatre going at a time when the whole world has turned virtual.”

Fellow Co-Director Amy Hardwick adds: “People need the joy that live theatre can offer! And the Popera House allows us to do this in a safe and socially distanced way.”

GoCreateTaunton will be presenting ‘Pride in Art’, a project promoting the arts to Taunton’s LGBTQ+ adult community.

The programme will come in two halves: ‘In Isolation’ and ‘Together’.

GoCreate Co-Director, Liz Hutchin, explains: “Our artists will provide two blocks of 6 monthly sessions guiding participants, developing their skills to create both collaborative and individual hanging banners which will adorn the streets of Taunton for our festival next year.

“These new banners will be part of raising awareness for Pride 2021 and the encouragement to engage in the Taunton Live Festival of the Creative and Performing Arts next year.”

[Interested members or supporters of Taunton’s LGBTQI+ community are invited to email [email protected] or [email protected] for further details of the “Pride in Art” project.]

Arts Taunton Founder, Kit Chapman, commented:

“Our aim is to make Taunton a vibrant regional destination for the arts. We want to celebrate its diversity and inclusivity across the whole community. This initiative, along with Tyca, our annual young people’s festival, and all the other work we are undertaking goes a fair way towards achieving that goal”.

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