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TYCA 2020 goes ahead!

We may all be in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic but nothing is going to stop local charity, Arts Taunton from delivering its youth festival, TYCA 2020 this year.

“The festival may be live, it may be virtual, but it will be interactive and happening!” said Arts Taunton’s TYCA Festival Director, Deborah Baddoo.

The charity has recognised that young people are bored and struggling with motivation, so they are kicking off the Festival immediately with a series of weekly artistic challenges.

Ms Baddoo explains: “Our theme for this year’s Festival is: 2020 Future Vision.

“The pandemic has shown how, suddenly and dramatically, the world can change.

“What will happen next? When will we come through this? Will we do things differently – especially for the environment and ecology? We are sure this lockdown will feed your imaginations!”

With each weekly theme relating to 2020 Future Vision, there will be a £20 prize for the best entry in each age group, each week. And at the end of 4 weeks there will be a £100 prize for the overall winner in each age group.

Week One of the TYCA Challenge is already up on the festival website with full information on how you can enter, and suggestions for ideas. The competition is open to anyone living in Taunton and the surrounding areas who are aged up to 25 years old. The three categories are: 10 years and under, 11-15 and 16-25 year olds.

The charity is appealing to anyone who is in contact with young people within this age group to ask them to visit the website https://tycafestival.co.uk and enter the weekly challenge. People can also follow progress on Instagram and Facebook (@tycafestival) and the artist pieces will also be displayed on the Tyca website.

“In the face of our present adversity”, says Kit Chapman, Arts Taunton’s Founding Director, “we are especially grateful to the Brownsword Charitable Foundation, Somerset West & Taunton Council and our many other supporters for their ongoing and enthusiastic support for TYCA. Without them it would be impossible to enable the young people of Taunton to take part in what has now become a unique opportunity to express their creativity”.